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Executive Link

Executive Link provides the support, structure and accountability RFP alumni need to work on their businesses and achieve their goals. Executive Link meetings include continuing education for professional development and peer- review board meetings. All EL members have complete access to RFP Online.

EL members receive complimentary access to RFP Online and EL Resources.  If you are an EL member, request access by completing the form at the bottom of this page.  Members with an existing username and password can login here.

The training you’ll receive in Executive LinkTM is not available ANYWHERE ELSE in agriculture. The sessions are always interactive and tie principles to actions you can take to IMPROVE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, YOUR LAND AND YOUR PROFIT.

Continuing Education

Fall and winter Executive Link meetings begins with dynamic, interactive, half-day professional development training that will deepen your understanding of important business principles. You will gain new insights into yourself, your partners, your business and your industry.

  • Money Matters (unveiling your paradigms about money)

  • Win / Win Negotiation • Can We Talk? (effective communication)

  • Actions Speak Loudest (holding people accountable)

  • 7/8th Sales (understanding the psychology of sales)

  • It’s About Time (time management & personal effectiveness)

  • Someday This Will All Be Yours …Or Not (succession planning)

  • The Implications Wheel and Other Decision Making Processes

  • Marketing Through a Different Lens (sell-buy marketing)

  • The Emotions of Risk (tools for making better decisions)

Board Meetings

Peer-review board meetings are the cornerstone of Executive Link.

RFP alumni work with one another in peer-advisory boards to discuss the challenges facing one another’s businesses. Each member leaves each meeting with an action plan. The next meeting begins with members reporting on the progress they’ve made. If tasks aren’t completed, the board will look for the things that are blocking progress and find ways to overcome them.

In Executive Link, accountability isn’t about scolding someone for not getting things accomplished. It’s about removing the barriers so that board members can be successful.


A Safe Place to Talk About Anything.

Ranching isolates us physically. It can be even more isolating when we break with traditional practices and do things differently from everyone else. Executive Link provides a safe environment for people who want to think outside the box. If you are looking for a rubber stamp, this isn’t it. Board members will challenge your ideas. Their objective isn’t to shoot down your dreams. It is to test them, strengthen them and make sure you get where you want to go.

Whatever you are thinking of doing, there is probably someone in Executive Link who has “been there and done that.”


Fall & Winter Meetings

Each Executive Link board belongs to a regional chapter. At the fall and winter chapter meetings all members participate in the continuing education program and enjoy meals together. Following lunch, individual boards meet in private board rooms. RMC provides experienced facilitators to help boards navigate difficult issues.

A typical chapter meeting starts on the morning of the first day and ends at noon on the third.

Summer Meetings

In addition to the fall and winter chapter meetings, each EL Board has a summer meeting. The summer board meeting is usually on one of the board member’s ranches and includes a ranch tour. RMC provides a facilitator for each of these meetings.

Every third year, rather than meet as individual boards, RMC hosts a summer conference for all RFP Executive Link members. Members from all of the boards in each of the chapters participate. In addition to their board meetings and expanded networking opportunities, the conference includes a special expanded continuing education program.

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